Senior Iraqi Cleric Underlines Support Palestine in Meeting with Vatican Delegation

IQNA – Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalayi, the representative of grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani in Karbala, reiterated support for the people of Palestine in the face of the Zionist regime’s brutal aggression.
Leader Urges Formation of Global Alliance against Aggressions of West
IQNA – The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has called for formation of a global alliance to front “coercive” measures of the US and Western countries.
08:54 , 2023 Dec 05
IUMS Urges Al-Azhar’s Efforts to Facilitate Aid Delivery to Gaza via Rafah  
IQNA – The secretary general of the International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) urged the Al-Azhar Islamic Center to work for facilitating the delivery of aid to the people of Gaza via the Rafah Border Crossing.
10:06 , 2023 Dec 06
Released Palestinian Prisoner Highlights Desecration of Islamic Sanctities in Israeli Jails
IQNA – A Palestinian man who has recently been released from an Israeli jail described the situation in the regime’s prisons as tragic.
14:46 , 2023 Dec 05
Israel Drops Phosphorus Bombs on Khan Yunis as War on Gaza Rages On
IQNA – As the Israeli regime’s relentless onslaught on Gaza continues, Palestinian officials say the regime’s warplanes have targeted areas around the city of Khan Yunis using phosphorus bombs.
11:14 , 2023 Dec 05
Al-Aqsa Flood Operation Made Palestine Muslim World’s No 1 Issue Again: Iran’s FM
TEHRAN (IQNA) – Iran’s foreign minister said the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation turned Palestine into the number one issue in the Muslim world once again.
14:10 , 2023 Dec 04
Iran’s President Urges Global Alliance to Support Palestinian Nation’s Rights  
TEHRAN (IQNA) – Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi stressed the need for formation of an alliance for supporting the oppressed people of Palestine who are facing Israeli atrocities.  
15:30 , 2023 Dec 04
'Gaza butcher' Netanyahu Must Be Tried for War Crimes, Erdogan Says
ANKARA (IQNA) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan labeled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the "butcher of Gaza" and advocated for his trial as a "war criminal."
14:40 , 2023 Dec 04
Hamas Holds Occupation Regime Accountable for End of Truce in Gaza
AL-QUDS (IQNA) – Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has held the Israeli regime accountable for the collapse of a week-long truce, saying the regime had already decided to resume “barbaric” bombardments.
10:02 , 2023 Dec 04
Two Hospitals Targeted in Israeli Attacks on 59th Day of War on Gaza
AL-QUDS (IQNA) – The Zionist regime’s warplanes bombed areas in the vicinity of two hospitals in the Gaza Strip, killing and injuring a number of people.
11:30 , 2023 Dec 04
Holding Muslim World Mosques Congress in Support of Palestine Underlined    
KUALA LUMPUR (IQNA) – Hojat-ol-Islam Seyed Abdol Fattah Navab, the representative of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs, and Head of Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations (MAPIM) Muhammad Azmi Abdulhamid met here on the weekend.
10:29 , 2023 Dec 04
Palestinian People to Emerge Stronger from Gaza War: Hezbollah Deputy Chief
TEHRAN (IQNA) – The deputy secretary general of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement said the people of Palestine will emerge from the war on Gaza stronger than before.  
13:14 , 2023 Dec 03
Israeli Occupation Orders Demolition of Sheikh Sabri’s Home: Report
AL-QUDS (IQNA) – The Israeli occupation authorities have reportedly issued a demolition notice for a building that is home to Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, the renowned preacher of Al-Aqsa Mosque.
14:26 , 2023 Dec 03